SULZER MIXPAC cartridge systems

Sulzer Mixpac MixCoat™ For 2-component Coatings

Metering – Mixing – Dispensing

Spect Industrial has performed applications on the OWAPP near Steelpoort on river crossings, Tie-ins and at the pump station.

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Stripe coat with flex brush and spray with flex hose:

Mixpac systems, manual, cartridge spray and flex spray:

Application systems from Sulzer Mixpac for 2-component coating material

«MixCoat™ changes the world of Coatings!»

This is not just a phrase or slogan - You will experience a revolutionary way to apply 2-component coatings with the MixCoat™ system: Save time while reducing material and labor costs and increase the quality of your coating, all with the simple push of a finger.

 Sulzer Mixpac continually sets the standard for multicomponent mixing systems world-wide. Many smaller projects which use 2-component coating materials are hand mixed and manually applied with brushes and rollers. These activities typically result in labor intensive coating jobs with hidden costs, along with a substantial amount of waste.

Sulzer Mixpac has developed new application systems which provide users with a fast, simple, and clean method to apply 2-component materials with a minimum amount of waste. In addition, using the MixCoat™ system guarantees that the materials are mixed to the prescribed ratio with a consistent, reliable process, resulting in high quality application of the coating materials.

The MixCoat™ system introduces a new professional standard for the application of coatings materials; small areas may be repaired easily and efficiently. Many such applications are found in marine, pipeline, bridge, tank, wind, rail and confined space applications.

MixCoat™ Spray and Flex combine the well established 2-K MIXPAC™ cartridge technology with the new MixCoat™ spray mixer.

Product advantagesBenefits for the customer
Proven 2-K cartridgesEasy to use – Clean storage Minimal waste Exact mixing ratio Minimal chemical exposure Minimal odor
Unique spray technologyMinimal over spray - Minimal loss of material High quality of applied coating
QUADRO™ Mixer technologyOutstanding mixing efficiency