Retail and Industrial

Hardware_StoreSpect Industrial offer a large selection of pressure sensitive tapes and adhesives to a broad spectrum of applications and markets including Industrial, Building & Construction, Abatement, Retail, Splicing and Laminating, Surface Protection, Aerospace, Automotive, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, OEM, Medical, and more. Adhesive technologies including natural & synthetic rubber, acrylic, silicone, and polyurethane-based technologies ensure a range of tapes for industrial applications from routine maintenance products to speciality film and splicing tapes.






Below is a list of the current product movers in this.

CodeDescriptionManufacturerDownload Spec Sheet
DUCTBLKN398DUCTNashua 398 Duct Tape Black 48 x 25General all purposeCovalence USADUCTBLK_PDF
DUCTREDN398DUCTNashua 398 Duct Tape Red 48 x 25General all purposeCovalence USADUCTRED_PDF
DUCTSLVN398DUCTNashua 398 Duct Tape Silver 48 x 25General all purposeCovalence USADUCTSLV_PDF
DUCTWHTN398DUCTNashua 398 Duct Tape White 48 x 25General all purposeCovalence USADUCTWHT_PDF
MASK18NMT300MASKING TAPENashua MT300 Masking Tape 18 x 40General all purposeCovalence USAMASK18_PDF
MASK24NMT300MASKING TAPENashua MT300 Masking Tape 24 x 40General all purposeCovalence USAMASK24_PDF
MASK36NMT300MASKING TAPENashua MT300 Masking Tape 36 x 40General all purposeCovalence USAMASK36_PDF
MASK48NMT300MASKING TAPENashua MT300 Masking Tape 48 x 40General all purposeCovalence USAMASK48_PDF
POLY221POLY221Polyken 221 (48 x 55)Heavy duty waterproof duct tapeCovalence USAPOLY221_PDF
POLY512P512 black and whitePolyken 512 White (48 x 55)Gaffer tape used in the sound, lighting, move industryCovalence USAPOLY512_PDF
POLY801P801REDPolyken 801 Red (48 x 55)Building and Construction industryCovalence USAPOLY801_PDF
STRSEALBLKN Stretch and SealNashua Stretch & Seal Black 24mmSelf fusing silicone sealing tape for air and chilled water pipesCovalence USADTStretchSeal_042513.pdf