Nuclear Plants


Spect Industrial supply tape for use with nickel-based alloys and austenitic stainless steels for multiple uses in power plants and ships.  Holding dosimeters, sealing insulation, colour coding, wrapping pipe ends, sealing duct work and packaging.  Polyethylene coated cloth tape meets nuclear regulations.  It is durable and resists tearing. With high conformability it offers superior tack – adheres tightly to many surfaces. It can be used outdoors and meets NRC and ANSI regulations:


  • NRC – NRC REG 1.38
  • American Nat Stds Institute – ASME NQA-1 (replaces ANSI45.2.2)
  • Westinghouse – APP-GW-Z0-606, Revision 1 (when tested)


While we offer the Nashua 357 and 398 high performance tapes, currently the multi-purpose is the current mover on our books:

CodeDescriptionManufacturerDownload Spec Sheet
POLY226POLY1027Polyken 226 PremiumNuclear grade duct tape for nuclear plant maintenanceCovalence USADT226_102312.pdf