The aerospace industry places high demands on engineering delivery in its needs of pressure sensitive tapes.  Berry Plastics partners with Boeing and other leading OEMs to engineer premium tapes that meet and exceed OEM specifications. The Polyken and Patco brands offer high performance tapes for:

  • Flame retardant carpet and mat installation
  • Interior surface protection tape for moisture and corrosion control for the aircraft entryways, galleys and lavatory flooring areas
  • Cargo pit seam sealing tapes
  • Groundwork surface protective products such as foils and coated papers
  • Exterior surface protection from UV, abrasion, corrosion & minor impact damage
  • Custom products for applications of decorative laminates, noise abatement, cushioning and more


Spect Industrial supply the Polyken line of Aerospace tapes that includes superior flame retardant products for carpet installation as well as for cargo pit seaming, patching and repair. The carpet and cargo pit tapes fully comply with FAR 25.853(a) and FAR 25.855(d) standards.  Moisture barrier tapes comply with FAR 25.853(a) requirements.

Below is a list of the current product movers in this.

CodeDescriptionManufacturerDownload Spec Sheet
PAT8300CLRpatco-tape-logoPatco 8300 Clear 4" x 108'Blade tape for leading edge of aircraftCovalence USAPAT8300CLR_PDF
POLY108HPolyken-SFLCompany-Logo_FC(whiteBG) Polyken 108HDPE Black (48 x 23) Double sided carpet tape for aircraftCovalence USAPOLY108H_PDF
POLY225SLVPolyken-SFLCompany-Logo_FC(whiteBG) Polyken 225FR Silver Tape (50 x 55)Heavy Duty duct tape for aircraftCovalence USADT225FR_060612.pdf
POLY294FRP294FRPolyken 294FR Cargo Tape Cargo liner tape for aircraftCovalence USAPOLY294FR_PDF
POLY296FRP296FRPolyken 296FR Cargo Tape (50 x 33)Cargo liner tape for aircraftCovalence USADT296FR_083013.pdf
POLY345 ALUPolyken-SFLCompany-Logo_FC(whiteBG) Polyken 345 AluminiumAluminium tape for masking up aircraftCovalence USAPOLY345ALU_PDF
POLY231ODPOLY231Polyken 231OD (48 x 48)Military grade duct tape for AircraftCovalence USAPOLY231OD.pdf